Introducing Nomad Consulting

There are more digital nomads than ever before. But if you work and travel or run a location independent business, you need to make sure your business is in compliance with the law.

Nomad Consulting helps freelancers and entrepreneurs ensure that they are compliant in their home country and the countries they work from regarding taxes and immigration.

Nomad Consulting also helps freelancers and entrepreneurs ensure that their bank accounts, credit cards, drivers licenses, and other accounts are ready for work and travel, so there are no surprises while traveling overseas.

What We Help With

Nomad Consulting does NOT provide financial advice or services, but instead helps connect you with trusted advisors around the world. Rather than finding ten different service providers yourself, we'll save you months of hassle and frustration by introducing you to our trusted network.



Many banks don't understand location independent business. Some even limit your ability to withdraw cash overseas for living expenses. We introduce you to the right banks for a smooth travel experience.



Many digital nomads live on tourist visas. However, this practice is not only becoming more difficult; it may actually be illegal in some countries. We help  ensure that you are in compliance with immigration and tax laws.



You may be required to file a tax return in your home country even while traveling, and penalties for violating the law can be severe. We'll introduce you to tax advisors in each country you operate in, so you're always legal.

How Does It Work?

We have spent two years and hired behavioral experts to create a diagnostic process that understands your situation and creates a list of to-dos based on your answers.

This process is a lot like going to the doctor: we ask where you're from, where you plan to live, which banks you use, and how you plan to travel, among other questions.

From there, we refer your case to our network of licensed accoutants and attorneys to provide you with the answers you need. You'll have your hand held by actual licensed professionals.

First Step

Determine if we can help you. Currently, we only with with US, Canadian, Australian, and British citizens who work and travel and have incomes of at least $100,000 per year.


Second Step

Once we know you're a good fit, we sit down with you via Skype to discuss your situation, ask questions, and share our knowledge so you can make smart decisions.

Final Step

After we have your details, we will give your our suggestions for how to proceed. We'll also connect you with licensed professionals we trust to help with stuff like taxes.