Do you want me to help you?

I've helped hundreds of guys like you move your business overseas, legally pay less in tax, get second passports, invest and bank offshore, and create a life of financial and personal freedom... 

How much money are you losing every day?

Dear future Nomad Capitalist,  

I've been exactly where you are: looking to get a move my businesses offshore, get a second passport, and live a life of complete freedom...  

...and I've learned from a decade of experience that I could have accomplished my goals many years earlier by simply trusting the right expert to help me.  

Here's the cold hard truth: every day you DON'T go offshore, you're paying taxes you may not need to pay. The average person I help saves more than $100,000 per year. (Some save a lot more.)

Most people are stuck reading articles, getting conflicting information, calling random lawyers, and chasing their tail... rarely making the progress they deserve. 

Maybe that's why 37,298 people have applied to work with me in the last year.  

Are YOU ready to lower your taxes, get a second passport, and build a life of prosperity, flexibility, and freedom?

People often tell me "Andrew, I am different. I am an action taker"... and then proceed to waste more time, make more excuses, and ask more of the wrong questions.  

I've developed a process that not only delivers massive results, but holds you accountable to achieving those results by preventing you from doing what has failed for others.  

And I've set aside some time to speak to a small number of true action takers. If you're ready to skip the nonsense and get right to creating a "Nomad Strategy", then I'm here to help.

Unlike most others, I spend most of life actually doing this stuff - starting new companies, opening new bank accounts, collecting citizenships, and buying homes around the world.

If you'd like to be considered to work with me, I have an application process with some important questions of my own for you.  

Yes, Andrew! I need your help today

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